Vibrant Wellness Specials

Functional Medicine testing is currently offered as a way to see how your body is working.This type of testing can use blood, saliva, hair, and urine. The clinic offers a full range of tests.
Vibrant Wellness Center is offering a Blood Typing special now through March!
Knowing your blood type is valuable information in concern to your diet! This small piece of knowledge is helpful in understanding which foods: burn the best, give the best nutrition, and are better digested with the least irritation. It only takes a few minutes and a single finger stick to gain this valuable information with Dr. Bonnie
Normally $30, Now through March, Blood Type testing is ONLY $20!

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Wondering if you may be sensitive to gluten or other allergens?
Dr. Bonnie can help with this new inovative testing.
A scientific approach to GI health.
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